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Mysterious Ob River Regionn

Mysterious Ob River Region: Treasures from the Special Collection is a unique mobile exhibition project launched by the Shemanovsky Museum-Exhibition Complex.

Amazing and mysterious, cold and gorgeous, the North has always attracted people with its harsh beauty and ancient history. Only by experiencing the mysteries of ancient northern civilizations and learning their ancient history and unusual culture can one really understand the spirit of the great Northern Land.

The Ob River region is a real cultural treasury of the North holding truly untold riches that are far from being a myth – in fact, they are amazing artwork from silver and bronze: jewelry, dishware, weapons and cult attributes. They are unique archeological artifacts and a part of real history.

The Shemanovsky Museum-Exhibition Complex has created a unique collection of silver and bronze ware made by medieval masters from Byzantium, Iran, Syria, Western Europe, and Volga Bulgaria, as well as by West Siberian foundrymen. As for the number and quality of the Special Collection items, this fund is unrivaled in Russia, perhaps, with the only exceptions of the Hermitage or the State Historical Museum.

This mobile exhibition includes 56 items – bronze and silver dishes, ornaments, parts of weapons, and cult attributes. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to look into the artifacts created by ancient masters.


The exhibition consists of five major sections: